That's Unfortunate Achievement - White Shadows Walkthrough

You can unlock the That's Unfortunate achievement by dying in every possible way. The tricky thing about this achievement is that there's no indicator with how many different ways there are to die! This page of the guide will walk you through, with screenshots, in a detailed description of where and when you need to die in every way.

There are 13 total ways to die in this game. We will list them in chronological order with dividers for each checkpoint. If you want to complete the game with minimal spoilers and no help in puzzles but don't want to miss this achievement during your playthrough, this is the page for you!

By following this guide, you will unlock this achievement by Checkpoint 12!

Checkpoint 1

662px-White_shadows_crane_death.jpg The first death is at the very start of the game. You'll see a large crane swing back and forth. Stand on the far edge of the platform as shown in the image above and just jump when it swings overhead. The crane will send Ravengirl flying to her demise.

662px-White_shadows_falling_death.jpg Falling to your death is another way to die! This pit right after the crane is a perfect spot to do it but realistically, you can do it anywhere. Simply fall in without jumping to die and make some more progress towards this achievement.

662px-White_shadows_falling_impact_death.jpg The above death is falling until the game respawns you down an endless pit, this death is about falling and dying from the impact of hitting the floor on a tall drop! Just after the previous pit you can fall down, you'll run through a billboard and drop down where you need to start moving to the left. Fall off the platform to the right instead and you'll hit the ground so hard, you'll die!

662px-White_shadows_door_crush_death.jpg You can get crushed by doors. Towards the end of checkpoint 1, you'll see a wall with a pig picture on it that you need to open with levers. Open it up with the left lever and run under the door. Press the lever on the right to lower the door and quickly run under it to die.

Checkpoint 2

662px-White_shadows_death_by_monorail.jpg Near the start of checkpoint 2, you will run into this tunnel with a monorail moving in from the background with a lightning bolt on it. Simply jump into it to be killed by a monorail car.

Checkpoint 4

662px-White_shadows_thats_unfortunate_train.jpg After you ride the Youglow containers, you'll reach a section where a train moves vertically down a path of ladders. Die by getting hit by this train!

Checkpoint 5

662px-White_shadows_crusher_death.jpg At the start of this checkpoint, start climbing up the ladder. Let one of the spike crushers close in you while climbing up.

Checkpoint 7

Simply get spotted by one of the spotlights in this checkpoint.

Checkpoint 9

662px-White_shadows_ch9-02.jpg Partway into checkpoint 9, you'll have to avoid a flying machine while hiding in a pile of chicks. Simply let the machine kill you by outrunning the chicks or waiting for all the chicks to be blown away.

662px-White_shadows_blender.jpg Towards the end of this checkpoint, you'll find this large muncher at the bottom of the room. Simply jump into it to die.

Checkpoint 12

662px-White_shadows_ch12-01.jpg Checkpoint 12 is one large boss battle. There are three different ways to die in here: