Achievements - White Shadows Walkthrough

Story Achievements

These achievements can't be missed.

The Writing On The Wall

Whiteshadows ch1achieve.jpg Complete the first chapter of the game.

There's Blood On Your Hands

Whiteshadows ch2achieve.jpg Make yourself a battery to enter the chick fields.

Look Mom, I'm On TV!

Whiteshadows ch3achieve.jpg Survive the Funworld Trials.

Welcome Home

Whiteshadows ch4achieve.jpg Survive the Tintown Trials.

The End Is Nigh

Whiteshadows ch5achieve.jpg Start the final chapter of the game.

The Destroyer Of Worlds

Whiteshadows destroyer of worlds.jpg Complete the game.

Misc Achievements

The following are the remaining achievements and how they can be unlocked in order of how you approach them. The only one that is different is the That's Unfortunate Achievement. This achievement requires you to die in every possible way. If you're looking to unlock all the achievements on your first playthrough, you should refer to this page going down in order but also refer to the That's Unfortunate detailed guide here as well.

You Got A Friend In Me

Whiteshadows yougotafriendinme.jpg Catch the first chick and take it with you

662px-Whiteshadows_yougotafriendinme1.jpg To unlock this achievement, you have to pick up this chick and hold onto it for about 30 seconds and the achievement will unlock. You'll find it shortly after the air ship passes you at the start of checkpoint 2. It can be a bit annoying and feel like RNG to grab it as it will run away from you when you turn around. Just keep trying until you grab it. Pick it up with the interact key and hold it. One tip is to realize when it hops. It'll often hop around the location marked in the image above. Run and try to time yourself turning around immediately as it's jumping so it doesn't have time to run away. When you do hold onto it, just stay in place until this unlocks. If you move too far ahead, it'll jump out of your hands so wait until you unlock this before continuing.

For The Greater Good

Whiteshadows greatergood.jpg Use the tiny chick to solve the hammer puzzle

The hammer puzzle is in checkpoint 4. When you arrange all the structures so they stop spinning, grab the chick on the left side of the puzzle and place it on the illuminated platform to the right of the hammers. Flip the switch so the chick gets bonked with the hammers.

Yes, I Deserve It!

Whiteshadows yes i deserve it.jpg Use Ravengirl to solve the hammer puzzle

In the same puzzle mentioned in the achievement above, the hammer puzzle of checkpoint 4, we need to flip the switch without the chick on the illuminated platform. When you flip the switch, quickly run so you're the one that gets bonked on the head with the hammer!

I Went Train Spotting

White shadows i went train spotting.jpg Survive the trains ride without dying

At the start of checkpoint 6, you will have to jump across a series of trains while avoiding the hazards. This achievement can be unlocked rather easily by not dying. The hazards cannot kill you, they will only push you back until you fall off the train. Just jump and crouch as necessary and switch trains when you see a new one. You'll unlock this when the train drives into the giant mechanical wolf's mouth.

Someone Bawked!

White shadows someone bawked.jpg Survive the Bird House without ever getting caught

This achievement can be unlocked by passing through all of the spotlight sections of Checkpoint 7 without getting spotted by the spotlight. There's a lot of in depth details to go over on this page, please refer to the Checkpoint 7 guide here for a more in depth walkthrough on this section. You mainly need to just stick to the shadows without getting spotted.

You Went Too Far

White shadows you went too far.jpg "Use" all the possible chicks for the Battery Maker 2000.

At the start of Checkpoint 9, you'll have to sacrifice a large portion of the chicks to make a battery. In order to unlock this, you have to sacrifice all of them. You need to run all the way to the far left wall until they all stop right next to you. Then run to the right and flip the switch when they're all on the left pressure plate. The timing can be a bit tricky because the walls don't come up right away. If you fail, just reload the checkpoint and try again.

Chick Magnet

White shadows chick magnet.jpg Have 20 chicks cling to you as a shield

After you create the battery at the start of Checkpoint 9, you'll enter a room full of chicks that swarm you and try to cling to you. Just stand still for a couple of seconds and you'll unlock this quickly.

I Will Follow You

White shadows i will follow you.jpg Lure 80 chicks into the bowels of the muncher

Towards the end of Checkpoint 9, you'll have to jump onto a hook over a muncher. You need to lure 80 chicks into this muncher. The best way to do it is to just stand still when you land in the area with the muncher from the slides above for a minute or two until you have a lot of chicks around you, then start moving to the left. Wait until they're right behind you before you jump onto the hook so as many as possible follow you into the muncher.

That's Unfortunate

White shadows thats unfortunate.jpg Die in every possible way

There are 13 total different ways to die in this game. The list and walkthrough is too long to fit on this page so please refer to the guide specifically for this achievement here.

Join The Circus

White shadows join the circus.jpg Survive the Funworld Trials without dying

The Funworld Trials is the fight with the mechanical wolf head in Checkpoint 12. We recommend beating it completely and then reloading the checkpoint so you know how the whole fight is. There's not much sense in dying early and restarting the fight when you don't know what's ahead! Learn the whole fight and then reload the checkpoint to unlock this.

Lord of the Birds

White shadows lord of the birds.jpg Survive the Tintown Trials without dying

This is probably the most difficult achievement in the game and requires some precise platforming. You have to complete both Checkpoint 14 & Checkpoint 15 in one run without dying. If you die at the very end of checkpoint 15, you'll have to try again from the start of checkpoint 14. We recommend playing through it once and learning the path to take. Even if you die, complete it all to see everything. Once you do complete checkpoint 15, start over at checkpoint 14 and then reset every time you die.

We Love You, Too!

White shadows we love you too.jpg Complete the game and watch the whole credit sequence because you just couldn’t get enough of this!

When you complete the game, make sure to watch the credits to the end!

I Really, Really Need This

White shadows i really really need this.jpg Unlock all achievements.

This will unlock once you unlock all the other achievements!