Achievements Guide and Tips - The Darkside Detective: A Fumble in the Dark


Core game

These achievements are related to the storyline.

Bonus Cases

Icon Name Description
Darkside detective s2 ach story c7.jpg Death's Door, Left Ajar Completed Case 7: Ghosts Of Christmas Passed


An Eye For Detail

Darkside detective s2 ach gary.jpg You spotted what Gary was up to on the switchboard roof.

You need Gary to be on the roof and the only moment where he is is before closing the Switchboard with crime scene tape.


Wisdom Seeker

Darkside detective s2 ach wisdom.jpg Ask the masters for their worldly wisdom.

I click on everything and often several times when I suspect random lines. It means that I've unlocked this achievement without knowing if it's related only to the cookies or if you need also to play with Zoltar.

It's been confirmed since that both of them are needed.

You need to see all the lines and as they're random, it's possible that you need to see three or four times in a row the same "prediction".


Zoltar lines:

Cookies lines:


Busy Body

Darkside detective s2 ach granny stash.jpg You examined all of Nanny Dooley's stash.

Look at all the objects in Granny's room.


Resource Hogs

Darkside detective s2 ach granny tea.jpg Drain Nanny's supply of sandwiches and tea.

At first, I thought it was an easter egg... but I wanted to see how many sandwiches and cups of tea I could get.

If you enter Granny's room at this point (I suppose before combining garlic with sandwiches), she will give you grant you two cups of tea and two sandwiches again. Do it until she says she doesn't have anymore - you have 30 of each in your inventory).



Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

Darkside detective s2 ach dog.jpg Wait... Did you teach him a trick or did he just trick you?

Give the apples to the dog.


Well Well Well...

Darkside detective s2 ach well.jpg You discovered the well's secret...

After getting the crank with the hurl, just go back and forth until you see some smoke out of the well. I must say that I did see it after the countdown began for the rocket.

Click on Loose Base Rocks to get inside the well.


Bum Ride

Darkside detective s2 ach clown.jpg You broke the clown car.

After getting the elephant out of the way, try to take the car...


Unwanted Dinner Guest

Darkside detective s2 ach diner.jpg You interrupted a scary yet romantic dinner.

In the Hall of Mirrors, choose Wavy - Wide - Upside Down to interrupt a romantic diner between Jason and Freddy with Myers as waiter.


Playing With Fire

Darkside detective s2 ach fire.jpg You ruined the demon's downtime.

Speak five times with the demon.


Darkside detective s2 ach matchmaker.jpg You helped find true love.

When you have the standing wrestler and the mongoose, speak with El Doolio and the seated wrestler.


Too Cool For School

Darkside detective s2 ach cool.jpg Dooley's a cool cat.

In the workshop, look at the poster to see Dooley put sunglasses on.

Slender Fan

Darkside detective s2 ach slebnder.jpg Listen to all Inhuman League tracks.

You need to listen to all tracks of the band before getting them out of the stage.


The Grump Of Christmas Passed

Darkside detective s2 ach krampus.jpg What a nice night for some star gazing.

After getting the music sheet from the vikings and before burning that item in Recent History, go to the roof of the switchboard to see that the young indigenous person is rocking with a guitar since you changed the family destiny. Use the telescope to find Krampus floating around...

Kind Words

Darkside detective s2 ach yesyoucan.jpg Find encouragement in the most unlikely of places.

During the last puzzle, you can make the words YES YOU CAN. Here's the solution - don't reset the puzzle.


  1. Top: Click 6 times on the right button
  2. Middle: Click 3 times on the right button
  3. Bottom: Click once on the right button



  1. Top: Click 6 times on the right button
  2. Middle: Click twice on the right button
  3. Bottom: Click 5 times on the right button



  1. Top: Click 4 times on the right button
  2. Middle: Click 3 times on the right button
  3. Bottom: Click 5 times on the right button




Darkside detective s2 ach poke.jpg Poke McQueen 50 times.

Just touch McQueen until the achievement is unlocked.

Heavy Petting

Darkside detective s2 ach story pet.jpg You pet all the animals in the game.

I'm not sure of this works really but I got it during Case 3. Anyway, to make sure you get it:

Time Cop

Darkside detective s2 ach flash.jpg You found all the flashbacks of Dooley's darkside adventures.

The flashbacks can be found:

Light Reader

Darkside detective s2 ach hidden.jpg You found the pop-up image in each case.

I got this during Case 5 but potentially, it could have been a bug

The images are:

The Boys Are Back In Town

Darkside detective s2 ach credits.jpg Credits watched, Division reinstated.

I suppose that there is a key allowing you to skip the credits - I didn't find how though. But in this case, you have to watch them.