The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes Walkthrough and Guide

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Welcome to The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes Walkthrough and Guide. We will guide you through both the Theatrical Cut and the Curator's Cut as well as locating all the Collectables. The game is designed to be played many times to experience all that it has to offer. Including all the consequences of your choices and the many different endings.

Spoiler tabs hide the outcome to your choices, click or tap on them to reveal them. Use these tabs to avoid negative traits and increase character relationships

This walkthrough is considered complete until the Curator's Cut unlocks for everyone, which is when it will be added.


The Dark Pictures Anthology is a series of cinematic, branching story-lines video games. House of Ashes is the third instalment in the series. This time taking place in Iraq, the story revolves around an ancient temple and its many mysteries. House of Ashes offers the player, the ability to make choices. These choices will have repercussions throughout the game. Sometimes the effects are not seen immediately and it can be too late to fix your mistakes. This is not a problem if you read our walkthrough.

All the immediate consequences will be outlined in our walkthrough and other long-term effects as well. Our walkthrough will guide you through the entirety of the game, step-by-step, so you can achieve the good ending, find all the Secrets, Pictures and more! Secrets and Pictures are Collectables that offer lore and insight into the story. These Secrets will often update once you discover new Secrets related to them. Some of them are easily missable but our walkthrough will show you the location of each one of them.

Theatrical Cut Walkthrough