Siralim Ultimate Wiki and Guide

Welcome to our Siralim Ultimate (2021) Wiki and guide.

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Siralim Ultimate is a creature collection and dungeon crawling game with over 1200 creatures. The dungeons are randomly generated, but certain creatures will only spawn in certain areas. You can check where your favourite creature will spawn in our creature sections (divided by class) on the table of contents to the right or at the bottom of this page.

Creatures List

Our Creatures list feature every creature in the game with all the relevant information attached. Information such as stats, traits and where to find each creature in a column called "Sources".

About this Wiki

Currently, we have all Creatures and Traits documented and we're working to expand the Wiki by adding a list of Spells.




Thanks to rovermicrover [1] on Github for his API which allowed us to get information directly from the game files.