Achievement Guide - Kraken Academy

AchievementHow to UnlockKraken's DiscipleAutomatically unlocked after obtaining the Kraken's Amulet at the end of the prologue chapterRewindUse the Kraken's Amulet to rewind time back to Monday morning at least five times during the game.VilenAutomatically unlocked after freeing the Music Club spirit.RusaAutomatically unlocked after freeing the Art Club spirit.TodoAutomatically unlocked after freeing the Sports Club spirit.SamoAutomatically unlocked after freeing the Drama Club spirit.SaviourAutomatically unlocked after defeating the final boss.Bottle CollectorCollect 75 bottles at once. Look for areas where multiple large dumpsters are clustered together, then quickly break them all and try to avoid collecting any Bottles that drop until you have destroyed as many dumpsters/trash cans as possible!Bottle FiendCollect 175 bottles at once. Like the previous Achievement, try to maximize the number of Bottles that you will obtain after destroying as many dumpsters/trash cans in a single spot. One spot where the dumpsters are ideally packed close together will be at the far northwest corner of the Music Club grounds, just to left of the Music Club Dorms.PunkSmash at least 250 breakable objects throughout the game.PillagerSmash at least 1000 breakable objects throughout the game.Birthday SavingsCollect at least 10,000 shlotinki over the course of the game. Consider upgrading Bottlemachines before turning in your Bottles in order to maximize the returns!EntrepeneurCollect at least 75,000 shlotinki over the course of the game. You will most definitely want to fully upgrade Kraken Academy's Bottlemachines to maximize the exchange rate on bottle returns!PopularGo on all three field trip dates with eligible classmates on Wednesday. This entails completing the Side Quests for: Simona, Broccoli Girl, and Vladimir.Mommy's BoyCall your Mom at any Phone Booth at least 8 times over the course of the game.Home Sweet HomeFill up all Furniture slots in your Dorm room. You'll obviously need to unlock enough Furniture to do so!Interior DesignerObtain all Furniture unlockables in the game. These include all the Furniture that can be purchased from Baba Tadorka at the Main Square markets. Some Furniture can only be obtained by completing Side Quests, namely those for Dimitri and the Bottlemachine inside the hidden room at the Music Club Dorms!Club Card CollectorObtain all four Club Cards. You will need to purchase all of these from Stix at his shop at the Main Square markets in order to gain entry to other Clubs.WitnessPurposely reach the end of Wednesday without successfully freeing a Spirit. You must unlock this before freeing the final Drama Club Spirit!PenguinAutomatically unlocked when you obtain the Penguin Costume.SpookyAutomatically unlocked when you obtain the Skeleboner Costume during the party at the Abandoned Dorms on Wednesday.CultistAutomatically unlocked when you obtain the Cultist Robes Costume from Mr. Whistler at the Art Club.Cool KidAutomatically unlocked when you obtain the Drama Club Uniform at the Mepsi Offices deep within the hidden Mepsi Mines on Tuesday.FelinePet any cat while you are still inside the mysterious memory area after freeing the Drama Club Spirit.BouncyHop on the bouncy castle inside the VIP Room during the costume party at the Abandoned Dorms BEFORE letting in the rest of the Cute Animal Gang members.ChallengerComplete Yuki and Wendy's initiation challenges on HARD difficulty at the Sports Club.Mind StrengthObtain a score of 20 or more in Dimitri's initiation challenge at the Sports Club. Note that you may need to do this HARD difficulty level in order to raise the score cap.Wrong Lever!Pull ALL four levers while you are inside the Mepsi boss's office. That means you need to save the correct lever (at the far right) for last.HygenicWash your hands in 4 different sinks throughout Kraken Academy. Sinks can be found inside the washrooms at all Club grounds, as well as other areas like the Abandoned Dorms and Art Exhibition Center buildings.RebelHack into 3 different Bottlemachines using the Mutiny.exe side item during a single time loop.AthleteKick the soccer ball into any goal while you are inside the Sports Club gym classroom. This will require you to attend class at the Sports Club School building!Treasure HunterAfter obtaining the Dog Whistle (during Hobo Guy's Side Quest), dig up all five Piles of Dirt throughout Kraken Academy in a single time loop. AnaComplete Ana's Side Quest.Broccoli GirlComplete Broccoli Girl's second Side Quest.Cafeteria LordComplete the Cafeteria Lord's Side Quest.DimitriComplete Dimitri's Side Quest.Hobo GuyComplete Hobo Guy's Side Quest.JanitorComplete the Janitor's Side Quest.JeanComplete Jean's Side Quest.KostadinComplete Kostadin's Side Quest.Ms. MarkovaComplete Ms. Markova's Side Quest.NikolaiComplete Nikolai's Side Quest.PatitsaComplete Patitsa's Side Quest.PierreComplete Pierre's Side Quest.SimonaComplete Simona's second Side Quest.VladimirComplete Vladimir's second Side Quest.Gig EconomyComplete all Side Quests.