Halo Infinite - The Road Walkthrough

Ok! Now that we're finally out it is time for us to make our way to the House of Reckoning. This is where our pilot is! I still don't like that we don't even know his name!

Nevertheless, this is an extremely short mission. We simply need to head to the House of Reckoning and as soon as we enter that's it for this mission. There are also no collectibles to get here at all, which makes it all the better.

That being said, head north from where you come out and you'll find a tiny Banished checkpoint. There's a lookout tower here with a couple of Sniper Jackals so focus on them first. If you come from the higher ground to the south you can snipe down most of the enemies without having to worry about taking too much damage.

Once the checkpoint has been cleared there will be some Marines that are captive here. Make sure to break them out so they can help you out.


There are also several weapons all over the place, as well as vehicles. Like I said, there will be tons of fighting so bringing a vehicle is for the best. We even have what looks like a Razorback with a rocket launcher on the back (called Rocket Warthog). Pretty cool. The best thing you can take, however, is either the Scorpion tank, or the Banished tank (the Wraith) so bring any. The Scorpion is slower but takes more hits.


Note: There is an Achievement 'Bring Sheila Home' in this mission for bringing the Scorpion all the way to the House of Reckoning without it getting destroyed. As such, if you do choose it, you will want to play with it conservatively and ditch it when it starts catching on fire. We can always return and grab it when we have cleared through to the final area.

Start making your way down the linear path going east where you'll start seeing enemies all over the place. There are also some turrets so make sure to focus on those first. When you reach the first large area there will be tons of Shield Jackals just waiting for you both left and and right. Several enemies will also start dropping from the sky so be careful. What's challenging here is the fact that there are enemy Wraith here. Focus on them and destroy them while you keep moving otherwise they'll shoot you down.

On the eastern side of the area you can find a lone building with a Wraith inside. You can take this one if you want, but you'll also find another group of captive Marines. Help them out!


Further ahead is more of the same. Along the ravine you'll find more enemies and some even have turrets. I lost my Scorpion here so I went back to get the Wraith. Feel free to do so whenever it happens (if it happens). Eventually you'll reach an Outpost with the main gate closed and tons of enemies all over the place: snipers on the sides of the ravine and even Hunters on the ground. There IS a Wraith near the gate in case yours is destroyed.

Clear this place and go over the wall into the outpost. The switch to the gate is inside the building on the right but it's guarded by a golden Elite. Take care of him ASAP and head inside to find your switch. Use it to lower the gates and bring in your Wraith. Do be careful because there are tons of enemy Wraith in here. Well there are like 3 but they can still destroy your own Wraith pretty easily.

Towards the back of the outpost you can find a turret where several enemy Brutes will drop down from emergency pods. Many of them are Brute Chieftain so be careful and try taking them out from afar with your Wraith/Scorpion. As soon as you think you're making progress several enemy airships will appear and drop several reinforcements, alongside them a couple of Ghosts. Be careful of these because they are very fast and hard to hit. Also these ships will shoot you nonstop for a bit before they leave so be extra warry of that!


Once the area is clear continue making your way east and we'll reach another gated outpost. This one... opens up by itself... and it's deserted. This doesn't seem right!

Head inside and use the console on the upper left side to bring out the bridge.


Yep, no enemies here. This HAS to be a trap... right? I guess we'll find out. Cross this bridge and head inside the House of Reckoning. This brings the mission to an end and the next one, House of Reckoning will immediately start!

HI Reckoning.jpgReckoning: Stormed the House of Reckoning.10 G