Halo Infinite - Pelican Down Walkthrough

Collectible Amount
Banished Audio Log/s 3
UNSC Audio Log/s 5
Spartan Core/s 5
Mjolnir Locker/s 1
Propaganda Tower/s 4

What a ride that was, huh? Oh well, time to do something about those AA weapons.

Objective: Destroy the East AA Gun

Start by opening up your map and seeing where we're starting. This location here is where the Pelican is and many of the initial directions will be based on the Pelican.


Knowing this, we are in a new region, Graveyards. This whole region is only for this mission so we're going to get all the collectibles during this mission and we won't need to come back. There aren't any FOBs either, which kinda suck.

Anyway, with this start by looking south and go over the rocks to find your first Propaganda Tower.

HI 163.jpg HI 164.jpg

After that, start by going northeast from the Pelican and you'll see that the place is an actual graveyard. Wow. Be prepared to fight tons of enemies here, mostly Grunts and Brutes with a sprinkle of Shield Jackals. There are a pair of Elites riding Ghosts so I recommend you grapply onto one of them to get ahold of it and use it to destroy the other one as well as kill any remaining enemies. It's so satisfying running over enemies, huh?

Anyway, from the Pelican enter the destroyed ship to the northeast.


Inside you'll be able to find an UNSC Audio Log - Debrief.

HI 171.jpg HI 172.jpg

Exit on the other side and jump up to the area above of the next wrecked ship to find your Spartan Core.

Directly east of it you can find UNSC Audio Log - The Mission. It's on the ground inside one of the metal walls amongst the wreckage.

Return to the Pelican and look north to find at a distance the entrance to another destroyed ship.


Head inside (look at image below) and look to your left to find an UNSC Audio Log - Those Left Behind

And with that we're ready to continue.

We can tackle these AA guns in whichever order we want, but I'm going counterclockwise, starting with the eastern gun. You ready? Let's go!

Start making your way there and as you start approaching the area (you'll be at the fork in the path before going up the hill) you'll see a lookout tower. Head up there to clear it (sniper enemies are so annoying) but there are a couple of things you want to do.

Start by looking northeast and you'll spot a Propaganda Banner.

Follow the little road behind the lookout tower now and you'll see a little cave.


Before you go inside, grapple above it to find a wrecked human ship.

Check the side of it to find an UNSC Audio Log - Reverie's End.

Drop down and go inside the little cave. This takes us right in the middle of the fighting, but just move ahead enough until you find Spartan Core.

And with that return to the lookout tower, jump back down and continue making your way up the hill. You'll start seeing many enemies here so be careful. As you go up you'll get to a little lone building with possibly several Elites inside. Clear the place out and grab the Banished Audio Log - Loyalties from the corner.

Further up you'll have to start worrying about Sniper Jackals as well as a pair of Hunters. These things are SO annoying, but shoot at the exposed joints to bring them down. Try luring them away from the plethora of enemies, or simply power your way through them.

Once the area is clear and you're at the top you'll need to activate the grav-lift. To do so head inside the cave at the back and activate the console.


With the grav-lift activated, use it to go up and examine the console in here. A scene with Escharum will take place and right after destroy the generator in the back. Afterwards you'll have to jump out of there before it explodes.

HI One Down….jpgOne Down...: Destroyed a Banished AA gun.10 G

Objective: Destroy the North AA Gun

Let's continue by destroying the northern AA gun. Note that what we did right here is exactly what we have to do at the other two AA guns: clear the area, head inside and destroy the generator.

Make your way down the hill and start making your way northwest towards the northern AA gun. As you follow the dirt roads you'll see a large structure on the side of the mountain.


This is actually an elevator that takes you directly to the AA gun so you don't have to go around and up the slope. Pretty useful. Before you use it, however, clear out this camp here and look inside the building to the left (while looking at the elevator) to find a Banished Audio Log - Home.

Approach the elevator and use the console to go up. At the top, however, you'll be greeted by a plethora of enemies up here. Use the containers on the sides to take cover and start by taking out the little Grunts, then proceed with the Brutes.

Once you've cleared this area head northwest to the building over the rocks. Be careful because there'll be Ghosts running around. You can claim one for yourself (I suggest you do) and clear out these camp.

Anyway, at the building you'll find a Spartan Core as you head inside.

Leave the building and go south to find the console we need to use to activate the actual grav-lift.


Head inside when ready and you'll have to do the same as before. Use the console up here to reveal the generator (not before a scene with our friend Escharum). Destroy said generator and jump out of the gun before it explodes.

Objective: Destroy the West AA Gun

Let's go take care of the last one! Open up your map and locate the dirt road. We're following it again. The dirt road will eventually start going south and uphill.

Eventually you'll reach a little open area with a metal structure (looks like a metal stick) on the ground. There are some Brutes here so kill them off. Once its clear there are a couple of collectibles to get. From the structure go southeast up the rocks and you'll find a little camp with a Spartan Core.

Now look south and you'll see a mountain.


Climb this mountain to the very top with your Grappleshot to find an UNSC Audio Log - Confrontation.

Return back down to the metal structure and go left now to find a Propaganda Tower.

From here continue following the dirt road and you'll reach an enemy camp with Marines that need help. Go ahead and free them. Before you continue look northeast and go up the rocks to find the last Propaganda Tower.

Return and follow the dirt road to find a building just as you go down the slope. There are many enemies here as it's the camp protecting the final AA gun so be prepared. There's also a golden Elite which has tons of health and shields.

Cross the bridge when you get to it and the camp really opens up. Move inside the first building on the right (from all the ones in front of you) and you'll find in the back a Banished Audio Log - Reformation on top of the table.

Now go ahead and approach the building behind this one to find more captive Marines. Help them out!

Start making your way up the slope going north afterwards and you'll be going towards the AA gun. Be careful because as you go up you'll have an enemy turret pointing directly at you. Use your grapple to get out of sight. Kill the enemy inside and use the turret to mow down all the enemies under the AA gun. There are tons of them, but there are also tons of explosive canisters so make good use of them.

Once the area is clear look south and you'll be able to spot a Mjolnir Locker - Warmaster's Prize Battle Rifle Coating. Neat!

Go ahead and go inside the AA gun now (it should be active) and do your usual. This time there's no scene with our buddy, nor explosions. Odd.

Also, if you managed to take down all 3 AA guns in under 20 minutes you'll get an achievement.

HI Gun Runner.jpgGun Runner: Took down all three Banished AA guns in under 20 minutes.10 G

Objective: Return to the Pelican

Leave the AA gun and we need to head back to the Pelican. Head back down to the camp you just cleared and you'll find another elevator, just like the one we previously used. Use it to go back down (or simply jump down). At the bottom of the elevator, however, look southeast and you'll find the final collectible in here, a Spartan Core.

Enemies will start raining down now so be careful and make your way back to the Pelican.

Objective: Defeat Tovarus and Hyperius

As soon as we're back at the Pelican we'll have a fight!

Boss: Tovarus and Hyperius

We are now fighting a pair of Brutes, but not any kind of Brutes, Spartan Killers. Meh, they're not that tough, which makes me happy.

One of these guys, Tovarus, is located on the platform that's in the center of the graveyard. He loves shooting tons of energy bullets at you so stay out of sight. He really likes to make them rain down on you so be VERY careful.

You'll want to be even more careful of the other guy, Hyperius. This guy is riding a Catulus Chopper, which makes him very dangerous as he can just run over you and it's game over. This is also his weakness... or actually their weakness. Use your Grappleshot to board and steal the Catulus Chopper from him. Yes, it's that's easy.


Shoot Hyperius over and over to destroy his shield and even run him over a couple of times. Sadly you cannot kill him by running him over once so you'll have to do so several times. If you're taking too much damage from them hide away for a little bit.

For Tovarus you can continue running around and shooting him with the vehicle. You can also lure him away from his platform and on to the ground to make your life easier. Run him over and call it a day haha.

But for real, if your vehicle gets destroyed it would be wise for you to look for a weapon that lets you shoot from afar. Of course a sniper is great, but a weapon like the BR75 is also great.
HI Brothers Grim.jpgBrothers Grim: Took down the Spartan Killers Hyperius and Tovarus.10 G

Objective: Locate the Pilot

We need to find our pilot. Easy enough, just head to the quest marker to trigger the last scene of the mission. It's quite a nice one.

And that's it for our mission. When you're ready, board the Pelican and take off for our next one, The Sequence. See ya in the next page!