Fifa 22 Team of The Year Vote - FIFA 22 Forum

Who is your Team of The Year. Being as its for Fifa its not limited to players being in the correct position, if you want to pick 4 CBs you can. Let us know your vote, you can VOTE HERE

Altho this is for Fifa Ultimate Team its also a general feel on peoples opinions so hope you don't mind me sharing it to The Football Forum benji1122

I was torn between some whether i feel they deserve or i wanted, actually struggled with defence, do wonder if i should've gone for Dias over Marquinhos or Benzema over Salah. I also don't think they'll miss out on Ronaldo and Mbappe even tho i don't think either deserve it. I expect Ronaldo to be the 12th man and get a special Loan card like Messi did in Fifa 21 and for Mbappe to make it in for Salah or vice versa. I think Midfield picked itself, maybe at a push De Bruyne could be replaced.