Scout Shortlists - Football Manager 2022 Walkthrough

Welcome to our Football Manager 2022 Scout Shortlists. This page will provide you with both a shortlist of the game's top Scouts (those whose Judging attributes have a minimum value of 15) and a shortlist of Scouts without a contract during game start, allowing you to snatch good Scouts without needing to look them up in-game.

Mind that by Scout, we actually mean Staff members that you can hire as Scouts - you might encounter them as Recruitment Analysts or Performance Analysts, but their attributes are good enough to become Scouts and you can offer them the position regardless.

This list was compiled through a big database that includes the world's top leagues, which means that if you were to load different leagues at a different level of detail some names on this list might not appear, and some other names might come up for you.