Undercrown Eastern Entrance - Dysmantle Walkthrough

Head To The Undercrown Eastern Entrance

Head to Wayward in Fairwood and go all the way back to Wall Checkpoint Kappa. Head east to the Undercrown Eastern Entrance and go inside.

Once inside, light the campfire at the entrance to make a rest spot for yourself.

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Head south of the campfire, going through the door and following the path, dealing with the enemies as they appear. When you reach the Ex-Human Puker, head through the doors to the north and make your way through.


Head west and then stop when the path splits and you see a sign with a crown to the north. The sign indicates Crown Station; head north and keep going until you reach a golden exclamation mark that starts the Under and Out side quest, where you look for a way past the broken bridge.

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Head west to find the access elevator, but it's blocked by a gate. The door to the gate terminal is also blocked, and you need to find an alternate route around.


Head back to the first crown sign and continue west until you reach the Collapsed Tunnel. It looks like a dead end, but you can head southwest through gap and continue. When the path splits the first time, keep going south. When the path splits going west and south, head west.

Keep going west past the enemies and when the path splits going south, west and north, head south to find a campfire in the Lost Caverns you can rest at.


Return to the path split and go north, following the path as it starts going west. You will reach another path split where you see a ramp to the north connected to a broken piece of construction steel acting as a bridge. Cross the bridge and light the campfire at the end.


Head east of the campfire and use the ramp to climb up to the next level, then head west to access the gap going northwest. Head east and follow the long path, dealing with the enemies. When you seem to be blocked by a pile of wood, break it down and keep going.

When the path splits to the west and north, keep going north.


Follow the path and you will eventually arrive at the access elevator office that was previously blocked off. Lower the gate using the terminal and break the debris blocking the door to go through. Light the nearby campfire and continue going west.


As you head west, turrets will automatically lock on to you and there will be enemies to deal with. Fortunately, you can get around the turrets to deal with them, and the enemies can be fought outside the range of the turrets. When you are done, head up the access elevator.


Reach The Launchpad

Now that you are at Crown Station, you need to head southeast to reach the launchpad the escape pod teleported to. Make your way east, fighting off the enemies and go down the ramp. Be careful of the turret that will aim at you, try to take it out from a distance or dodge roll to avoid the bullets and break it.

Past the turret you will find another turret locking on, but fortunately you can also see a campfire in a building in the southeast that you can reach without the turret firing on you.


Keep going south, past the enemies and destroying the turrets. The turrets do not respawn once destroyed, which means you can break them, go back to the campfire and rest, then resume your journey without having to worry about repeatedly dealing with turrets. Keep going south and you will find another campfire to rest at.


Head south and a cutscene will play. When it ends, head south (but be careful of the enemies that will attack) and then head east. You will find a way to the launchpad, but it is inaccessible and you need to find another way.


To proceed with the story, as well as remove the enemies and you have a spare Blue Eye Orb, head southwest of the campfire, going up some stairs (watch out for a turret) that seem to lead towards a path to nature.


Follow the stone path (you may run into a Tomb) as it goes south and west and you will run into the Fortress Entrance. After the cutscene, head north of the Entrance to find a gate with a sign saying "K23" outside. Head in and deal with an Ex-Human Stalker along with a turret. When you are done, break the objects in front of the door and head north across the walkway.


You will soon reach a building. The left door is blocked, forcing you to head right and fight your way past the enemies.


Follow the path and when you reach the end, head up the stairs to the left and go through the door leading to the link tower. Activate the link tower and you can now set up a Deadly Transmission, which will make exploring much easier (as well as give you a way to go back and forth in case you need better equipment). You can also override the Fortress lockdown to gain access to the Fortress.


Head back to the campfire near the helicopter pad (same one you rested at before going to the link tower) and head southwest of the area, into a building. Inspect a door to the right to find that you need the Launchpad Key. Enter the room to the south and inspect the clipboard to learn that the Launchpad Key is in the Fortress, which you now have access to since you overrode the Fortress lockdown.


Going Into The Fortress

Head inside the Fortress and light the nearby campfire at the entrance. Head northwest to the King's Study and enter the main room in the middle. If you like, you can listen to the tape recorder on the cabinet to start the King's Log sidequest.

To get the key you need, head to the southeast room in the study and search the stone box. The Launchpad Key will appear, and you can take that back to the campfire/helicopter pad area to proceed.


Back at the campfire, head southwest, back to the area where you found the clipboard about the key. Unlock the door on the right but be careful of the turret that will lock on as you enter. Take out the turret and follow the path that leads to a campfire.

Follow the path, taking out the enemies and you will eventually reach the escape pod. You are about to leave, but won't leave because you want to take some mana with you. You now need to find Mana Chunks, Shards, Beads and Blue Eye Orbs.


Specifically, you will need:

When you have gotten all the necessary items, the engine will malfunction. It won't be a difficult fix, but enemies will try to burst in from the pod's left. You can set up defenses to stop the horde, such as placing turrets. Building a Rocket Turret or two is highly recommended, as it will make things easier.


Once the horde of enemies has been defeated, you can board the escape pod and you will have completed Dysmantle! After the credits roll, you will see some statistics that report on your in-game performance.


The game will also slightly rewind the save to the point where you successfully boarded the escape pod, completing the main mission and allowing you to freely explore as you wish.