Solaris - Dysmantle Walkthrough - Neoseeker

Finding The 3rd Fuel Cell

You will arrive at the Solaris Train Station. Light the nearby campfire to complete the On The Road To Nowhere side quest.


Unfortunately, even with a Cowboy Hat, Ice Brick and a Safari Outfit, it won't be enough to combat Solaris' heat as you approach the fuel cell. Head south of the campfire to the nearby building and look for a golden exclamation mark near some boxes on the outside porch to start the Cool Head, Hot Feet sidequest.


Head west to the small shed next to the Train Station (the one with an Ex-Human Stalker inside). Check the clipboard on the box to learn that Allen's Farm has Desert Helmets that can withstand heat.

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Head east of the Train Station, following the train tracks until you reach Allen's Farm (you won't need to reach the objective marker itself, just following the train tracks will get you to Allen's Farm).


Head to the house and hack your way inside (with a slashing weapon like the Axe). Head inside and examine the bulletin board in the kitchen to learn the Desert Helmet recipe is in the farm's mailbox. The mailbox is northwest of the farm, but not in the farm itself. It is northwest near the road close to the train tracks.

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Examining the mailbox shows that the Desert Helmet is in the Military Road Checkpoint southwest of the mailbox. When you arrive at the checkpoint, look for a brownish green van in the checkpoint's southwest which has the Desert Helmet recipe.


The Desert Helmet requires 25 Fabric, 15 Ceramics and 6 Steel to craft. When you have the Helmet, equip it (along with a Safari Outfit and Ice Brick) and head southeast towards the 3rd fuel cell location. If you head back to the Solaris Train Station to craft the Desert Helmet, you just have to keep moving south.

The temperature will still get hot even with a Desert Helmet, Safari Outfit and Ice Brick allowing you to withstand 60 degrees Celsius. Your equipment is working; it just gets that hot. As you get closer to the fuel cell, temperatures will start to drop again.

Regardless of the path you take, you will have to get past some turrets, but you don't have to go through a military base in order to reach the 3rd fuel cell. You will reach the 3rd automatron; interact with it for a boss fight.


662px-Dysmantle_Solaris_10.jpg The Crown is similar to the Law in Borealis. It will shoot orbs and stomp if you get too close. When you have taken away 1/3 of its health bar, it will occasionally shoot missiles that will rain down from above. On the last health bar, it will adopt a turret position.

The only tricky part to this battle will be any turrets you haven't cleared out, either because you were unable to or you weren't aware. This, coupled with some areas of extreme heat, can severely limit the area of your battlefield.

Otherwise, the tactics remain the same. Go in for damage, circle the Crown as best as you can and keep hitting. You likely have significantly better weapons and equipment that you did when you fought for the 2nd fuel cell, and this battle won't be too different.

After the Crown falls, grab the 3rd fuel cell. Return to Canaveral to install it.

It's time to grab the final fuel cell in the northwest. Head back to Central and walk along the train tracks that brought you to Polaris, but cross over into Sprigridge. Head south, past the Light Industry Zone and Central Main Power Plant until you hit the road, then head west as if you were going back to Solaris.

When you hit the fork in the road, head north this time (south would take you back to Solaris). Follow the road and when the road splits, head west. You will reach Westport Harbor Area, where you can activate a link tower for Westport and rest at a nearby campfire.


Head northwest of the Harbor Area and you can find some boxes near a door which you can break down. Head through the door and head northwest to find a bridge you can cross.

Head north and you will find yourself in Frost Horn. Adjust your path going towards the northwest direction and you will soon run into a campfire you can rest at.