Greyhaven - Dysmantle Walkthrough - Neoseeker

Reach The 4th Relay

From the campfire, head north and make your way past the Ex-Human Scrappers and Hurlers. Keep going until you reach a carpark. Unfortunately, you can't pass further due to a cliff, but you can head to the right, where there is a path forward near a military jeep.


Head through but be careful, as there is a powerful enemy nearby, the same one you saw in the Evacuation Zone. If you keep going forward, you will alert it and it will chase after you. To go around it, there will be a rock to your right. Head around the rock and the powerful enemy will not notice you, allowing you to go past unnoticed.


Continue forward and you will see another powerful enemy. Fortunately, this one is moving around in a circle and can be avoided by simply waiting to go behind it, then heading east when the first safe opportunity presents itself.


Follow the path and you will reach the final link relay. You will also notice a stone tablet, which you will automatically investigate in a cutscene. After it ends, you will get the sidequest Myth Tablets where you can find more stone tablets to learn about the story you read.


With all 4 link relays activated, head back to the Evacuation Zone in Canaveral. Lower the inner gate and you will be able to find an escape pod. Unfortunately, the pod is out of fuel, and you need to find fuel cells to refuel the escape pod.


Head back to the link tower and scan for fuel cells to reveal 4 locations on the map. 2 are somewhat close by, but the other 2 are on the northwest and southwest parts of the map.

As with the relays, there isn't a strict order, but this walkthrough will tackle the southeast fuel cell first. Head back to the Bowel Lake Camping Grounds and go south. At some point, you will be confronted by hot temperatures and are forced to retreat. You will get the side quest Sweltering Heat, where you need to create a Cowboy Hat or an Ice Brick.


A Cowboy Hat requires 4 Hides and 10 Fabrics, while an Ice Brick requires 30 Plastics, 15 Scrap Fabric and 8 Ceramics. Either item will protect you from the heat in the southern areas of the map, allowing you to proceed without much of a problem.

Head south of Bowel Lake Camping Grounds again and you should reach Ratchet's Gasoline as you move towards the southeast. Be careful of the enemies here; you don't just have Ex-Human Scrappers and Hurlers, but a Mortar Pod that fires mortar projectiles at you and a Spike Ball that can hurt you if you get too close.


Continue heading towards the southeast and you will eventually enter Everglade. You will find a campfire at the first building, near Ft. Darrow.