Everglade - Dysmantle Walkthrough - Neoseeker

Find the 1st Fuel Cell

From the campfire, head south until you see a golden exclamation mark for the side quest Mortar and Pestilence. Head north of the exclamation mark and make your way northeast onto the road (you couldn't go south and east because a hole is blocking your path).


Head onto the road and cross the bridge, making your way past the enemies and staying on the road. You will eventually reach a campfire where you can save, as well as a house near the water.


Near the water are a series of bridges that you can use to cross to the other side, with houses in between. Make your way to the other side of the water to Gheens, where you will find a house and a fence near a bridge going southeast. Fight/run past the enemies (be careful as there is an Ex-Human Puker) and cross the bridge to reach the Lava Sinkhole.

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At the Lava Sinkhole, you will have some Spike Ball and Mortar Pod enemies blocking the way. You don't have to used ranged weapons to take out the Spike Balls; you can hit them from a distance with a charged attack though you have to get somewhat close.

When you make your way past the enemies, there will be an Ex-Human Chaser waiting for you at the end.


From the Lava Sinkhole, check your map and head south of the Sinkhole to reach Felcrest. Felcrest is similar to Gheens in that there are bridges to cross and houses on water. Follow the path (there's only one) but be careful of Ex-Human Scrappers and Hurlers that are hiding in houses along the path. There will even be an Ex-Human Chaser near the end.

Be careful, as falling into the water will mean instant death. Don't be afraid to retreat into a house to protect yourself if you're getting overwhelmed, as fighting can get tense.


At the end of the bridge, cross onto the next island and take the next bridge. You will reach the Overgrown Depot, with a link tower and a campfire on the left after crossing the bridge.


From the link tower, turn around and go straight until you reach a fork in the road with 2 Spike Balls and a Mortar Pod. Head to the left part of the road and make your way to Buzzle. Head northeast (which is also northeast on your map) to reach a bridge which you can lower to create a shortcut back to Ft. Darrow.

Head back to the Overgrown Depot and go back to the fork in the road with the Spike Balls and Mortar Pod. Head east to the Tropical Farm, then make your way southwest of the Tropical Farm until you see a wooden bridge across the water. Cross the bridge to reach Dona Springs.


Make your way east across Dona Springs and then head southeast when you have crossed the 2nd wooden bridge. You may run into a Tomb (Way of the Flame Serpents) as you head southeast; that means you are on the right track. Head east of the tomb to another wooden bridge across the water.

Be careful of the Spike Balls and Mortar Pods that are strewn about the area, as there will be other enemies such as Ex-Human Scrappers and a Puker to make things complicated.

Cross the bridge and continue east to find a campfire where you can rest. Head north of the campfire and then northwest to reach the Tectonic Ravine, which you must go around to avoid falling in. If you like, you can head southwest of the Ravine to find a bridge which you can lower to create a shortcut back to Dona Springs.

Be careful of the Spike Balls, Mortar Pods, Ex-Human Scrappers, Hurlers and Chasers along the way.

Make your way around the edges of the Ravine, dealing with Spike Balls and Mortar Pods no matter which path you take. Head north of the Ravine to reach a road, which you should follow to the east, but you can go northwest of the Ravine to find a bridge that you can lower to create a shortcut back to the Overgrown Depot.


Follow the road east, being mindful of the Spike Balls, Mortar Pods and Ex-Human Scrappers/Hurlers you will meet along the way. When you arrive at a parking arm, get around it (or destroy it) to reach the Leisure Resort, where you will find a campfire shortly after entering.


The building to the east looks like an easy path, but the doors will be blocked by objects that you can't break unless you have spent a significant amount of time upgrading your weapons. Fortunately, if you have upgraded a blunt weapon (like your Crowbar or the Baseball Bat), you can break down the metal fences north of the building to reach a drawbridge which you can lower to create a shortcut to Ft. Darrow.


You must head south of the campfire, making your way past more enemies and crossing the wooden bridge. Head east through the buildings but be careful of the Ex-Human Stalkers that are prowling around as they can be difficult to defeat.

Once you get past the Stalkers, head straight up the wooden bridge.


Keep heading north, watching out for enemies and Spike Balls. You will be on the other side of the building near the campfire. Head through and break down the locker blocking the door to create a shortcut back to Leisure Resort campfire.

Head southeast of the building (or east of the Spike Balls in the fork in the road) and cross the bridge. A cutscene will play as you realize the fuel cell is inside an automatron. Be careful when you inspect it, it will trigger a boss fight.


662px-Dysmantle_The_Reaper_at_the_Holiday_Resort_1.jpg The Reaper starts off with two attacks. It will shoot a trail of orb projectiles while following your movement. If you get too close, it will raise one of its metal feet and stomp you, creating a shockwave.

You will have to carefully circle the Reaper, attacking its feet while avoiding the orbs and the stomping attacks. Keep moving at all times, circling around the Reaper be in range to hit it, but also never standing in one position for too long.

When you have taken away the first third of its health bar, the Reaper will start using missiles after shooting the orbs. The missiles will track you like the orbs, but will also deal damage in the area they land in. You want to dodge the missiles and make sure you aren't near the impact site or you will take damage.

When the Reaper is on its final health bar, it will occasionally shrink into a turret position, shooting orbs and missiles while rotating 360 degrees.

To dodge this, hide behind objects. Some, like metal fences, will be destroyed by the missiles/orbs. Others, like trees, won't take any damage and can be reliable shields. Watch out for the missiles though; their area-of-effect damage can still hurt you if you aren't standing at the right angle.


It can take a few tries, but as long as you dodge the Reaper's attacks, watch your attack timing and hide behind objects when you need to, the Reaper will fall.

When the battle finishes, you will get the 1st Fuel Cell.


It's time to get the 2nd Fuel Cell in the northeast. Head back to Fairwood (the Junction Station link relay) and make your way north.

As you head north, moving past the Ruins of Ethelridge, you will find that it is too cold and you will need to create either a Fur Hat or a Hot Water Bottle to move forward. A Fur Hat requires 8 Hide and 5 Fabrics, while a Hot Water Bottle requires 15 Rubber and 25 Plastics.


Whichever one you make, equip it once you are done (the Hot Water Bottle is a Trinket) and return to the Ruins of Ethelridge, heading past the area where you were blocked before. The path will split into the left and right; head left and go northwest until you reach a road.

Be careful of the Ex-Wolf enemies, as they are more common in colder areas.

When you reach the road, head east, staying on the road until you reach the Power Junction. Make your way through the building and to the northeast of the area where you can find a campfire and a link tower. Be careful as there are enemies such as an Ex-Human Scrapper and a Hurler inside the building. There is also an Ex-Human Stalker who is prowling around near the link tower.


Activate the campfire and you will be able to safely adventure throughout Borealis.

Fighting the Ruthless Pitcher

The Ruthless Pitcher can be found in Ft. Darrow. Be careful in this area, there are a lot of Spike Ball and Mortar Pod enemies assisting the nearby Ex-Human Scrappers and Hurlers. You will also encounter other enemies, such as Ex-Human Pukers, Chasers and the powerful enemy you have been running from, Ex-Human Stalkers.


You may find it easier to duck into houses to navigate around the enemies. While it can be harder and there will be enemies that you have to deal with, they can provide useful shelter and open up alternative paths to reach your destination.


As you head southeast, you will run into a barrier made of cars that prevents you from going further. To continue, head left into the park. Unfortunately, this will also lead to a boss fight against The Ruthless Pitcher.



The Ruthless Pitcher is joined by 3 Ex-Human Scrappers, and fights like an Ex-Human Hurler. The Ruthless Pitcher is larger, giving its melee attacks a wider range and its ranged attack is significantly faster than a regular Ex-Human Hurler.

Taking out the 3 Ex-Human Scrappers first is the recommended way to start. They will be chasing you around and can quickly swarm you if you are distracted.

The Ruthless Pitcher's ranged attack can be easily dodged if you dodge roll, but getting close will bait the Ruthless Pitcher into using its melee attack.

You likely won't out-damage the Pitcher with ranged attacks, which means close combat is your main damage dealer. You can still use Throwing Knives as an offensive option, but you likely don't have enough to KO the Pitcher from a distance. Get in close, hit it a few times and then dodge roll out of harm's way.

As long as you watch the Pitcher's attack pattern and take out the Ex-Human Scrappers, this fight shouldn't be too difficult.

The Ruthless Pitcher will drop a Blue Eye Orb after its defeat. Head to the northwest of the park to continue.

Head straight from the exit and you will run into a Shelter Loudspeaker, which looks similar to a link tower/relay but more mechanical. Inspect it to hack it and get a Central Processing Unit. Investigate the Shelter Loudspeaker again to get the Shelter Defence side quest and the recipe for the Builder's Kit and the Machine Gun Turret, which you will need to complete the quest.