Capernaum - Dysmantle Walkthrough - Neoseeker

Emerging From The Bunker

You will emerge from your underground bunker and learn how to interact with the world around you. Move around with the WASD keys, going north to reach the campfire. You will be tasked to light the campfire with the E key, which will light up the campfire and create your first campsite. This will also contribute to the Camper medal, giving you the 1st out of 10 campsites.


Continue going forward and head to the golden question mark to learn that you can Left-Click to swing your crowbar and break objects. You can break the wooden chairs in front of you, and also collect the Scrap Wood that drops after their destruction.


Investigate the golden exclamation mark to get the Crowbar Through Obstacles quest, which asks you to gather 5 Scrap Wood and 2 Scrap Metal. You will then put the resources into your camp storage and then upgrade your crowbar to increase its attack power. This allows you to break through the dresser blocking your way.


You can find two chairs near the dresser for the Scrap Wood (one is to the right of the dresser, hidden by foliage) as well as a BBQ pit near one of the chairs which provides Scrap Metal. To find a 2nd BBQ pit, head south of the campfire to find one west of the bunker you came out of. If you need another chair, there’s one directly west of the campfire.


Head back to the campfire and inspect the orange box east of the campfire. This is your resource storage box, and you need to deposit your gathered materials in the box with the E key in order to make use of them when crafting.

Once the materials are deposited, head back to the campfire and press the E key to enter the camp screen. Choose to “Upgrade Gear” and select your Crowbar. Click and hold the mouse button down to complete the upgrade process.

You now have enough strength to destroy the dresser (as well as a few other objects like wooden tables). When the dresser is destroyed, you will complete the Crowbar Through Obstacles quest.

You can also destroy bushes and barrels with your new Crowbar, allowing you to harvest more materials from other sources.

Head through the doorway previously blocked by the dresser. Don’t smash the wooden chairs in front of the house entrance just yet. Head southeast through the door near the bookshelf and then east to the bathroom to find a golden question mark that mentions you can press and hold the mouse wheel to change the camera angle, moving it around as you need.


Turn the camera around to find a washing machine that you can search to find a Scrap Fabric.

Listen to the nearby radio in the kitchen to start the “Echoes From The Past” medal, and you can search a nearby kitchen cabinet north of the radio to find a Scrap Fabric. You can also destroy foliage around the house to get Plant Matter, which can be used to upgrade your Backpack.

When you are ready to leave, break the chairs in front of the house and leave through the door. You will encounter an enemy right away in a quick scene. This is an Ex-Human Scrapper, a basic zombie-like enemy who is weak individually but has strength in numbers.


After the introduction, inspect the golden question mark nearby to learn the basics of combat. Left click to swing your crowbar, but you can hold the left mouse button to charge for a more powerful attack.

You are locked on to enemies when you see a targeting circle on an enemy. If there are multiple enemies, you can press the mouse wheel to switch targets. For now, you only have one enemy in front of you and you won’t be able to switch, but that will change.


Defeat the enemy and you will start the “Monster Hunter” medal, which tracks enemies you have defeated.

The Escape the Island main quest will appear. You can now freely explore the area as you wish, upgrading equipment and finding new recipes as you like.

Escape The Island

You can head west to find a locked gate and 2 Ex-Human Scrapper enemies roaming around. You can’t get through the gate, but you can inspect a nearby blue car and a cabinet to find some Scrap Metal.

Northeast of the gate (northwest of the house) will be a small fenced area with a door. You can’t get through because it is locked, but this will add the Basic Lockpick recipe to your Recipes list (you can't make it until you are Level 12 though). Around the fenced area will be Ex-Human Scrappers that you can fight or avoid.


East of the fenced area will be a house where you can fight some Ex-Human Scrappers and search for supplies, like the two cabinets that contain Scrap Fabric and a Tomato in the fridge. You can also break blue garbage bags to obtain Plastic, a new material you can use for crafting. You can also break the plates, flower pot and cups on the table to get Ceramics, which are another essential crafting material.


Head south to find a dumpster surrounded by plastic garbage bags and barrels you can break for crafting materials. East of the dumpster is another golden question mark that tells you to hold down Shift to run.

Head east to find another dumpster which you can inspect the dumpster to find Scrap Fabric. North of said dumpster is a campfire and a golden exclamation mark, which you can activate and use to set up another camp. There is also a golden exclamation mark that will give you a new sidequest Basic Necessities.

Basic Necessities asks you to do 3 things:

You will run into the link tower as you continue past the campfire and you can leave that for the time being, since you can't leave the area without using the link tower anyway.

If you have been gathering materials and fighting enemies, leveling up might have already happened. You will need to go to the campfire to properly register the level up.

Upgrading the Backpack will be the hardest of the 3 objectives. You need 10 Plant Matter and 4 Scrap Fabric.

Fortunately, some Ex-Human Scrappers will drop Scrap Fabric when defeated, and they will respawn when you visit a campfire, allowing you to gather as many as you need. You may have also found Scrap Fabric as you search through houses and containers.

Plant Matter can be found by destroying anything that seems to be covered in leaves or by destroying bushes. There are plenty of plants that can be "destroyed" (try attacking fences covered in green leaves) to gather the material.

Once you have what you need, return to the campfire and craft the upgrade.

You can head inside the house east of the campfire and search a dark colored kitchen cabinet to find a recipe for Tomato Soup, and 2 Tomatoes in the nearby fridge. You can also explore the house for other supplies, but be mindful of the Ex-Human Scrapper that is inside one of the rooms.

When you are done searching, head out of the house and back onto the road. Continue east until you find a link tower. Hold the E key to activate it and you will get a map of the Capernaum area. You will also start the Cartographer medal for activating link towers.


A mini-map will appear in the lower left corner of the screen, and the location of other link towers will be revealed to you. You can also press the M key to bring up the map and view your location, as well as other landmarks.

With the Link Tower, you can also open the East/West gate, though you can’t right now as you are more focused on getting to the evacuation point.

Head east of the link tower and you will encounter a barricade made of objects. Don’t get too excited to destroy it; there are some flammable barrels on the other side. Instead, head north to find a golden question mark but a new enemy as well: an Ex-Human Hurler.

The Ex-Human Hurler will throw projectiles at you as its main form of offense. If you inspect the gold question mark, you will learn that you can use the Space key to dodge roll. It will help to dodge the attacks of the Hurler while you move in to attack.

When the Hurler is defeated, you can safely investigate around the house to find supplies. You can’t go inside the house unfortunately; that requires the Basic Lockpick tool that you can only craft when you are Level 12.

East of the house is a golden exclamation mark indicating a quest, as well as a campfire for your 3rd camp. Inspect the exclamation mark to get the Getting Stronger quest. You can explore the house east of the campfire for supplies, but be careful as an Ex-Human Scrapper is roaming around the house.


The Getting Stronger side quest requires 3 goals:

When you level up to Level 2, you will learn how to create a Cooking Pot and Throwing Knives.

The Cooking Pot can be created with 8 Scrap Metal and 5 Ceramics. Scrap Metal can occasionally be found from Ex-Human Scrappers, but you can also find some by destroying metal objects.

Ceramics can be harder to find, and that involves breaking ceramic objects such as cups, flower pots and plates. You can usually find these on kitchen tables in houses, which gives you enough to create a Pot.

Cooking a recipe can be difficult if you haven't been scavenging. If you head to the house near the campfire where you got Basic Necessities, you can find the Tomato Soup recipe by searching the kitchen. This requires 3 Tomatoes, and you can find Tomatoes by searching fridges in Capernaum. This is the first recipe you can find; you can always wait to find others if you desire.

Head to a stove-top in any kitchen and you can use the Cooking Pot. Create the Tomato Soup by using 3 Tomatoes and you will craft your first food item that you can consume for permanent benefits.

Throwing Knives requires 10 Scrap Metal, 8 Scrap Fabric and 10 Plastics. If you haven't encountered Plastics before, you can look for blue garbage bags around Capernaum which give you Plastics when broken.

There will be enough supplies to craft Throwing Knives at a campfire, and you can complete the objective.

Inside the house, you can find a microwave in the kitchen area which you can break to find your first instance of Scrap Electronics.

Head back on the road and continue east. You will soon encounter a large enemy blocking the way; the False Gatekeeper. This will be your first boss battle.


The False Gatekeeper will chase you down and start vomiting to try and hurt you when it gets close. As it gets weaker, it will also launch projectiles upwards to rain down on you. It doesn't do any other attacks apart from that, but you will have to remain mobile throughout the fight.

Use Throwing Knives against the False Gatekeeper for some easy damage, and try to get around the Gatekeeper to avoid its attacks. Hit it with your Crowbar but always remain mobile and ready to move in case the Gatekeeper prepares an attack.

If you are ever in danger, you can retreat to a campfire to heal, but do note that this will fully heal the Gatekeeper when you return.

Once you are used to the basic attack pattern and know when to attack, the Gatekeeper shouldn't be much trouble.

When the False Gatekeeper is defeated, you will unlock the “Gatekeeper” Steam achievement. The False Gatekeeper will also drop a Blue Eye Orb. You can now go back to the link tower and open the East Gate to continue your journey. This will also be the actual end of the tutorial.