Canaveral - Dysmantle Walkthrough - Neoseeker

Arriving At The Evacuation Zone

Your mission is to head east and investigate the Evacuation site. Don’t forget to light the campfire next to you before you begin exploring.


Head straight to find that there is a gate between you and your destination. Your character will think about trying to go around the gate.


Going left isn't where you need to go, though it does lead to the Maximum Gas Station that does have some nice items. Go right, going past the area with the red skull in front.


Go into the first house on your left and make your way through the house, being mindful of the enemies inside the house. Head straight and go out the house into an alleyway (protected by fences) and head into the next house.


You will quickly notice a new enemy walking around. Your character will note that it is dangerous and you should avoid it. This is a real warning; the enemy has a lot of health and will hit hard, more than any other enemy you have fought thus far (except the False Gatekeeper).


Fortunately, it moves predictably in a circle. All you have to do is get behind it and follow its circular pattern until you reach the door in the northwest that isn't barricaded.

Open the door, go inside and close the door to protect yourself. Head through the two rooms and exit the building. Watch out for the Ex-Human Scrapper that is outside, and you can destroy a barricade near the alleyway to create a shortcut. When you are ready, head to the open door next to the blue "OBEY" word spray-painted on the wall.


Go through the door and head left. You will find a link tower that, when activated, reveals a map of Canaveral. You can also fast travel between link towers, allowing you to return to Capernaum whenever you want.


To the right of the Link Tower is a house that contains a crafting table that allows you to upgrade the items you have equipped without resetting at a campfire. There's also a special box behind a fenced door, but you can't get to it because it is blocked.


Head north of the house and the link tower to find another campfire to rest at.


Head east of the campfire to activate the yellow gate terminal. It will not open because you need to first activate 4 link relays before the gate will open. They will be marked on your map. 1 is nearby, the other 3 are in different areas.


Reach the 1st Link Relay

Fortunately, you can use the terminal to the west of the campfire to lower the gate, creating a shortcut back to the area where you first arrived. Head through the gate and then head north, past the Ex-Human Scrappers and the Ex-Human Hurler.


You will reach a forest, and keep going north until you reach the Maximum Gas Station. There will be a new enemy near the fence known as an Ex-Wolf. It attacks fast and requires a lot of dodging to avoid harm, but will drop valuable Pelts needed for crafting.


Head around the gas station and continue west, being mindful of the enemies. Adjust your path to the northwest, following the road and approaching the marker. You should reach the Packard Family Farm.


To the right you should see the first link relay in a barn. Activate it, then head out the barn's left to find another campfire that you can save your progress at. You can search the gray box to the campfire's southeast to find the Corncob recipe, then inspect the nearby fridge to find Corn.


Inspect the nearby golden exclamation mark near the campfire to start the Farming Basics side quest.

To start the Farming Basics sidequest, you need to build a Seed Bag. You will learn the recipe at Level 4, though you must make a Shovel first (15 Scrap Metal, 10 Scrap Wood). You can then make the Seed Bag with 30 Plant Matter, 20 Scrap Fabric and 15 Scrap Wood.

Once you have the Bag crafted, you must equip it in the Tool section of your Inventory. You don't have seeds per se, but the plant food items that you may have come across. There are some Corn items southeast of the campfire in a fridge if you don't have existing foods like Tomatoes.

Then head to a nearby Plant Bed and plant the seed. If you are doing this near the Packard Family Farm, near the campfire are some Plant Beds already made for you. Otherwise, you need to build a Hoe and create the Plant Bed yourself.


Once planted, the crops need time to grow. Corn will take 50 in-game minutes to grow for example, but once grown you can harvest the Corn and complete the quest.

There is no strict order you need to take in order to activate the relays, though the Farm Relay was the closest. This walkthrough will head northwest of the farm to the next relay.

Open your map and you will notice a link tower to the northwest. Head to that link tower, making your way through the forest (be careful of enemies) and as you get close to the link tower, you will enter Junction Station.


Head around and activate the link tower to get the map of the Fairwood area, where the next link relay is.