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Find the 2nd Fuel Cell

From the Power Junction campfire, head north, adjusting your path to the northeast when you hit a wall. You will arrive at the Corrections Facility, which is blocked by a large gate. Fortunately, there is a door to the northeast you can open to enter the facility. There will also be a campfire nearby to rest.


Enter the building to find a golden exclamation mark with the side quest Prison Break-In. This will help you find the key that will let you progress in the facility. Head through the doors in the facility until you reach the final room just outside the bathroom (there's only one path).


Inspect the clipboard on the ground and you will learn that the key is in Curtisfield North, which is southeast of Borealis. Before you think it's a simple journey that you can easily fast travel near Curtisfield South to grab the key, the bridge is destroyed. You will need to get to Curtisfield North from Borealis.


Leave the Corrections Facility and go back to the Power Junction, heading southeast until you reach the Housing Project. Head east of the Housing Project and cross the bridge. After crossing the bridge, head southeast to enter Bridge Checkpoint Nu as well as find a campfire to rest at.

Dysmantle Borealis 4.jpg Dysmantle Borealis 5.jpg

From the campfire, head southeast until you see a road heading south. Stay on the road and as you go south, you will enter Curtisfield North. There will be a campfire nearby to rest at. You will also get an update on the Prison Break-In quest, where you learn the key is in the nearby police station.


There are two ways to the police station. If your weapons are sufficiently strong enough, you can head south and hack your way past the obstacles (sandbags, fence, crate) and head to station from there. Alternatively, if your weapons aren't up to scratch, you can head southeast of the campfire and follow the road going east until you reach a garden with an entrance in the fence. Head south, then west past the enemies to reach the station.

Keep in mind the alternate way will put you in the path of powerful enemies like an Ex-Human Stalker.

Whichever route you take, head to the police station's southeast to find a fenced door you can go through. Follow the path into the station, going through the kitchen and past the bathrooms to the reception area. Head south of the reception area into the offices, and then south again into the smaller office. Search the drawers on the right to find the key to the Corrective Facility.

Return to the Corrective Facility in Borealis and unlock the caged door north of the entrance room that you couldn't open before. Make your way through the kitchen, then break the tables down to enter the jails.


Head north to get through the jails, following the winding path and dealing with the enemies along the way. Before you head through the west door to the courtyard, go east to find a campfire nearby.


When you are ready, head into the courtyard to find another automatron. Activate it and a boss battle will occur.


662px-Dysmantle_Law_Borealis_Facility.jpg This battle is similar to the Reaper in Everglade, and it starts the same way. The Law robot will attack by shooting orbs while tracking you, and stomping with its feet. Continue to circle the Law while attacking, dodging the orbs and the stomps to avoid getting hurt.

When it loses its first health bar, the Law will start shooting missiles along with its previous attacks. The difference is that these missiles are launched in the air, and you can see the impact zones appear as red circles on the ground. Avoid those red circles, but maintain the same strategy of circling the Law and attacking it.

When it is down to its final health bar, the Law will occasionally adopt a turret stance, shooting orbs while rotating 360 degrees. Don't try to attack the Law while it is in its turret stance; it is easier to dodge and then attack when it stands up again.

Be patient, circle the Law and attack and you will eventually bring it down.

When it breaks, extract the 2nd fuel cell from it.

Head back to the Canaveral Evacuation Site and install the 2nd fuel cell to remove it from your inventory. Our next destination will be either the northwest or southwest parts of the map.

For this walkthrough, our next destination is the southwest. Unfortunately, there will be a lot of detours that you must make before you can grab the 3rd fuel cell.

The first detour requires getting the Gas Mask recipe.