How To Get All Achievements - Dysmantle Walkthrough

This is a list of all the Steam achievements for Dysmantle, and how you can get them.

Story Achievements

None of the story achievements can be missed as long as you progress the main mission.


Defeat the Gatekeeper.

This is the first boss fight you will have to do as part of the tutorial as you are leaving Capernaum.

Means of Escaping

Find the Escape Pod.

As you make your way through the the Evacuation Site in Canaveral, you will find the Escape Pod after activating all the relays.


Defeat the Reaper Automatron.

You will fight the Reaper Automatron when you are getting the 1st fuel cell in Everglade. You will get this achievement upon the Automatron's defeat.


Defeat the Law Automatron.

You will fight the Law Automatron when you are getting the 2nd fuel cell in Borealis. You will get this achievement upon the Automatron's defeat.


Defeat the Crown Automatron.

You will fight the Crown Automatron when you are getting the 3rd fuel cell in Solaris. You will get this achievement upon the Automatron's defeat.


Defeat the Sword Automatron.

You will fight the Sword Automatron when you are getting the 4th and final fuel cell in Frost Horn. You will get this achievement upon the Automatron's defeat.

Crown Station

Reach the Crown Station.

After installing all 4 fuel cells, the Escape Pod will move to a different landing point. You will have to go through the Undercrown Eastern Entrance, which opens up after the Escape Pod leaves. When you emerge from the Undercrown, you will unlock this achievement.

Escape the Island

Escape the island.

Reach the Escape Pod and build your defenses to fend off one last horde that tries to destroy your escape pod. When you have successfully held off the horde, you can board the Escape Pod and get this achievement.

Gameplay Achievements

Side Hustle

Complete all the Side Quests.

There are many side quests in Dysmantle, and some of them are mandatory to complete in order to finish the game. This is the full list of side quests:

Link Towers

Discover and activate all Link Towers on the island.

Each area you explore has their own link tower that you can use for fast traveling and transmissions. The link towers are found in:

You can get this achievement even without Vulcan's link tower.

Rude Archaeologist

Complete all Tombs on the island.

There are 20 Tombs to complete, and the final Tomb will be at the Pyramid in Serpent's Crossing.

Here is the list of the Tombs:

Tomb Name Location
Tomb Of The Hungry King Hedgefield
Broken Steps Canaveral
Weight Of The Four Fairwood
Avoid Return Borealis
Fall Of The Four Kings Capernaum
Five Will Open Arcturus
Way Of The Flame Serpents Everglade
Enlightened by the Crossed Light Crown
Everlasting Duty Frost Horn
Weather the Storm Frost Horn
Aligned With Light Polaris
The Shining Passageway Central
Tomb of the Petty King Solaris
Winding Pathways Sunburn Desert
Way of Light Frore
Returning Past Narrows Vale
Doorways of Time Serpent's Crossing
Tomb of Timing Hibernus
Alternating Code Westport
The Changing Labyrinth Vulcan


Invent 60 recipes.

As you level up, you will get more recipes to create. You can also find recipes around the island, from food to equipment. Craft any 60 recipes to get this achievement.

Getting Farmer

Grow and harvest 10 plants.

You will learn how to grow plants as part of the Farming Basics sidequest. Just grow any 10 plants (doesn't have to be Corn as it was in the sidequest) and you will get this achievement.

Related to the Green Finger achievement.

Green Finger

Grow and harvest any 6 different types of plants.

There are many vegetables that you can grow in Dysmantle, and you will have the opportunity to find some of them in kitchens on the island and in shelters. These vegetables include:

Grow any 6 of these plants to maturity and harvest them to get this achievement.

Vegetables and plants are interchangeable, since you can't grow other types of plants.

Fish You Were Here

Catch 10 fish of any rarity.

You will learn how to fish as part of the Fish You Were Here sidequest. Find fishing spots (anywhere where you find circular ripples in the water) and get 10 fish with a fishing rod to get this achievement.

Related to the Fishful Thinking achievement.

Fishful Thinking

Catch 5 fish of legendary rarity.

This achievement is difficult as there are actual fishing spots that will have a chance (that's right, chance) of spawning a legendary fish. There's no actual indication or any special mark that indicates a spot will produce legendary fish; you just have to fish and hope things go in your favor.

You can find a few legendary spots at the following coordinates (you will have to align yourself on the map):



Fish at those coordinates and pull up 5 legendary (orange rarity) fish to get this achievement.

Animal Friend

Feed animals 10 times.

If you take 1 point in the Animal Friend skill, you will be able to get the recipe for Animal Treats, which will allow you to feed animals (Deer and Caribou). Feed animals with the Animal Treats 10 times to get this achievement.

Animal Friend

Feed animals 10 times.

If you take 1 point in the Animal Friend skill, you will be able to get the recipe for Animal Treats, which will allow you to feed animals (Deer and Caribou). Feed animals with the Animal Treats 10 times to get this achievement.

Monster Slayer

Kill 100 monsters of any type.

Defeat 100 enemies to get this achievement. Any type means this can consist of just Ex-Human Scrappers, but you will likely achieve this as you progress throughout the game.

Build It And They Will Come

Build 10 structures of any type.

When you unlock the Builder's Kit (either by finding a shelter or finding a Sawmill/Smelter, you can build structures such as turrets or Sawmills/Smelters. Build 10 structures and have them all present to get this achievement.

Having the structures "present" means that they must count towards your total amount of structures present at any given time (ie. you must have at least 10 turrets built, or 4 turrets, 2 Sawmills, 2 Smelters and 2 Sandbags). You can't build one structure, destroy it and rebuild it to get the achievement.

Full Load

Fill 10 material slots full of materials.

You can get 10 material slots by upgrading your Backpack/taking the Pack Rat skill. Fill each slot to the maximum amount that can be carried (that means the bars at the bottom of each material should be full) to get this achievement.

Can be completed together with the Who Wants to Leaf Forever achievement.

Who Wants to Leaf Forever

Fill 8 material slots with the same type of material.

If you have at least 8 material slots, they must all have the same material AND be filled to the maximum.

This can be done with any material (even materials like Titanium!), but it is likely you will do this with Plant Matter, which is one of the most abundant materials in Dysmantle. You can get Plant Matter from trees, bushes, Mortar Pods and Spike Balls.

This may mean you have to discard other materials, such as Wood or Bone while keeping the Plant Matter in your inventory. Once you get 8 material slots filled with Plant Matter, you will get this achievement.

Gold Medallist

Earn 10 gold level Medals.

Medals are in-game achievements for reaching certain milestones, such as Traveler which track how far you have traveled in the game.

You can what view medals by going to the menu, selecting Collection and then Medals. You can see what you can get medals for and your progress.

Get 10 gold medals in any category to get this achievement.


Light all Campfires on the Island.

You will get this achievement by lighting all campfires in the game. You can also track the campfires you light through the Medals section under Collection in the menu. There are 103 campfires to light.

Well Well Well

Use all Wishing Wells on the Island.

Wishing Wells are grey wells that require some items to activate (the requirement will be listed when you interact with the well). When activated, the wells will provide a random selection of 3 items (in various amounts) and you can choose one. The well will then go inactive until some time has passed and you can repeat the process.

You have to do this with all the wells to get this achievement. You can tell which wells you have already used as they appear green on the mini-map/map. Repeat uses of the same well don't count towards the achievement.

Ark Nemesis

Complete the ark.

This is one of the hardest achievements to get, as this requires completing the The Ark which involves getting a lot of resources.

You will submit the resources in groups, and they can be deposited from your inventory. You can claim the Power Fist as a reward after submitting all the resources, and the Power Fist is the most powerful blunt weapon in the game.

Resources To Gather

Edible Resources

Early Resources

Natural Resources

Inorganic Resources

Metal Resources

There is no specific order you have to turn the resources in, but they must be turned in as a group each time.

When you are able to submit everything and grab the Power Fist, you will get this achievement.


Travel through all the Rifts on the Island.

After finding strange spots of electrical energy in the ground at various spots (they will appear as a question mark on the map), you can start the sidequest Strange Energy to scan them and open up rifts that you can travel through. There are 32 rifts in total, and once you have traveled through all of them, you will get this achievement.

Perfect Timing

Open all Timed Chests on the Island.

Timed Chests are large green crates that seem to be permanently locked and have a timer. This timer actually starts whenever you visit a campfire, and you only have a certain amount of time to reach the crate and unlock it. The time will depend on the crate and the location, and appear as white box outlines on the mini-map/map.

Unlock all of them to get this achievement.

Shelter Cleaner

Visit all shelters on the Island.

Shelters aren't immediately accessible, but you will find a large loudspeaker in some areas. This loudspeaker will provide you with a Central Processing Unit which allows you to build turrets. These turrets can be placed just like a tower defence game, and enemies will proceed to attack the loudspeaker once you are done with your set-up.

After all waves are completed, you can investigate the shelter to find another Central Processing Unit, but also some rare items. You can also find Mana Shards this way.

The areas with shelters are:

Treasure Digger

Dig up all buried treasures on the Island.

Treasure can be found buried in certain spots on the island. You can spots where objects (such as stones or chairs) are placed in a circle, where treasure is in the middle of the circle. You can also dig graves for treasures.

The treasures will appear as a shovel icon on the mini-map/map. Dig up all the treasures to get this achievement.

Master of Obelisks

Max out all the Obelisks on the Island.

When you run into an Obelisk during your travels, you will automatically start the Mysterious Obelisks sidequest, where you have to find 2 more Obelisks. After that, you can activate an Obelisk with a Blue Eye Orb and tackle a challenge of enemies for rewards. Take care of all the Obelisks to get this achievement.

Myth People

Investigate all the Myth Tablets on the Island.

When you inspect the 4th relay in Greyhaven, you will also notice a Myth Tablet which you can inspect to learn about the lore of the island. You will automatically inspect the first one, but you have to find the others. Once you have found them all, you will unlock this achievement.

Fan of Radio

Listen to 50 different radio broadcasts.

There are many small radios on the island, which appear as white radios on the mini-map/map. These radios are actually indestructible until you listen to them, and they cannot be permanently missed as a result. All you need to do is listen to 50 of these radios to get this achievement.

Perfect Interest

Complete all Points of Interest on all locations.

Points of Interest will be any white icons that appear on your map. Tombs, Shelters, treasures, sidequests, etc. They will turn green once completed (except for sidequests, they will disappear). Complete all Points of Interest in every location to get this achievement.

Gear Up

Upgrade 7 Tools to the maximum level.

Tools are the equipment you use to interact with the world, such as your Crowbar and Machete. The tools that count for this achievement are:

Upgrade any 7 to their maximum potential to get this achievement.